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Umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of protection when you go over your limits.

Safeguard your financial future with umbrella insurance in case your claim exceeds your coverage limits.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance provides an additional layer of liability coverage for enhanced peace of mind. Typically added to existing auto, home, or watercraft insurance policies, it offers extra protection beyond standard limits.

Focus on Liability Claims

Umbrella insurance specifically covers liability costs incurred when you’re held responsible for accidents or incidents. It does not generally cover personal losses, such as damage to your property or theft of possessions.

When Umbrella Insurance Pays Out

This coverage is triggered when the liability limits of your primary insurance policy are exceeded. Once your primary policy has paid its maximum, the umbrella policy steps in to cover the remaining costs, up to its specified limit.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

For instance, if your auto policy covers up to $500,000 in liability, but an accident results in $600,000 in medical bills for the other party, your primary policy pays up to its limit, and then your umbrella policy covers the additional $100,000.

Umbrella insurance ensures you’re adequately protected against unforeseen liabilities that exceed your standard insurance limits.

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage beyond the limits of your auto, home, or watercraft policies, preventing out-of-pocket expenses when claims exceed these limits.

When considering umbrella insurance, it’s important to verify who within your family or household is covered under your policy to ensure comprehensive protection tailored to your specific needs.

Considering umbrella insurance? While the policy has its own limit, this is typically less concerning. Moreover, it may be more affordable than expected, balancing the extensive coverage it provides with a premium reflecting lower payout risk.

Ready to enhance your family’s protection with umbrella insurance? Contact us to discuss how an umbrella policy can meet your specific needs.


Risk Factor

You invite guests over for a pool party and one of your guests dives into the shallow end of the pool and is permanently injured. They hire a lawyer to represent them and after a long legal battle, you and your family are left financially responsible for their injuries. Do you have enough money in savings to cover your legal responsibilities as well as the legal defense costs?


An umbrella or excess liability policy increases your personal liability limits by adding protection over and above your current auto, boat, or homeowners policies - providing real financial value, as well as priceless peace of mind. Excess liability insurance is available either by an endorsement to your homeowners policy or available as separate coverage.

Property Damage Liability

Risk Factor

You can be held responsible if you significantly damage another vehicle and/or property. Do you have enough coverage to protect yourself from the risk?


Your standard auto policy limit could easily be exhausted if you are found to be at fault. An umbrella or excess liability policy provides an extra layer of protection once your standard liability limits are exhausted. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure the peace of mind you deserve.

Bodily Injury Liability

Risk Factor

It’s easy to get distracted while driving. All it takes is an incoming text message, a fussy baby, or changing the radio station and your eyes are off the road long enough to crash into a pedestrian, bicycle, or another vehicle. As an owner/operator of the vehicle, you may be held financially responsible for any bodily injuries caused as a result of the accident.


An umbrella or excess liability policy helps extend your coverage to better protect you against these significant costs. It’s the ideal coverage to provide peace of mind, even when the unthinkable happens.

Watercraft Liability

Risk Factor

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, even those who have been out on the water for years. Personal watercraft insurance is a necessity, but sometimes the limit these policies provide isn't enough.


Your standard watercraft policy limit could easily be exhausted if you are found to be at fault for property damage or personal injury. An umbrella or excess liability policy can extend those limits, providing you an additional layer of financial protection.

Umbrella insurance provides additional protection beyond your existing coverage limits.

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