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Systems breakdown insurance helps protect your business when equipment fails.

Protect your assets, income, and investments with systems breakdown insurance.

Does What Commercial Property Insurance Cannot

Commercial property insurance protects your business against damage to equipment and machinery caused by external risks like fire and flood. However, it doesn’t cover mechanical failures, breakdowns, wiring problems, or short circuits. This is where systems breakdown insurance comes into play, providing coverage for business interruption, income loss, and more if your equipment fails.

Coverage for the Equipment You Rely on Every Day

Equipment breakdowns can bring your business to a halt, incurring costs and downtime for repairs or replacements. Systems breakdown insurance can cover these repair and replacement costs, and often offers the option to pay a higher premium to protect against loss of business during the downtime.

Protects a Range of Machinery and Equipment

Systems breakdown insurance can cover various types of equipment used in your business, not just manufacturing machinery. This includes:

– Air Conditioning Systems
– Electronic Devices
– Heating Systems
– Networks
– Refrigeration Systems
– Telephone Systems

While policies typically cover computer equipment, they usually only pay out for physical hardware damage, not software failures or malware.

Fills in the Gaps of Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturer warranties might cover some repair costs or replacements, but they are often not as comprehensive as systems breakdown insurance. For instance, warranties might not cover accidental damage from human error, such as overloading electrical circuits. However, systems breakdown insurance, also known as mechanical breakdown insurance, can cover such incidents.

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Systems breakdown insurance safeguards your business against equipment failures.

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