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What Makes Insuring Staffing Agencies Different?

Staffing agencies play a unique role for companies of all types and sizes. When an employer needs temporary employees, they turn to a staffing agency to provide qualified, skilled, and experienced workers. However, despite working for a company, these temporary employees are often considered employees of the staffing agency. This means that on-the-job injuries, property damage, personal injury, errors and omissions, negligence, and crimes related to the employee can be the responsibility of the staffing agency. Therefore, these potential risks should be carefully considered when selecting insurance coverage options to safeguard your business.

The Risks Associated with Staffing Agencies

One of the critical functions of a staffing agency is placing the right person in the right position. Imagine your agency places someone without the required skills, experience, or certifications for a job. The consequences could include the employee getting injured, damaging property or equipment, causing reputational damage, or injuring someone else. Since your agency placed that person, you could face lawsuits and be held responsible for damages. Another risk involves hiring practices. A candidate who was not hired could allege discrimination by your agency. Employment practice liability insurance (EPLI) may provide coverage for such discrimination lawsuits.

Insurance Solutions Staffing Agencies Should Consider

Errors and omissions liability insurance (E&O) is crucial for staffing agencies. This coverage can help in cases where you place an underqualified employee, fail to meet industry regulations, or breach a contract with a client company. Given the high foot traffic in your office during candidate interviews, general liability insurance is essential to cover injuries that occur on your property. Additionally, crime insurance is valuable in the event that a temporary employee you placed is caught stealing from the company they are working for.


Having workers’ compensation insurance is crucial for both the employees at your staffing agency and the temporary workers you place in other businesses, with coverage needs varying based on the industry they are working in.

The Business Side of Operating a Staffing Agency

Operating a staffing agency involves unique needs, but there are general business insurance policies that are essential based on your operations and location. Commercial property insurance can cover your office building, equipment, and supplies. Additionally, cyber liability insurance is crucial if you store employee or company information on your computer systems, protecting you in the event of a hack.

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Staffing agency insurance protects your business and employees.

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