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Understanding the Unique Risks Faced by Security Guards

Security guards place themselves between external threats and the people or property they protect, encountering distinctive risks in their line of work. Assault and battery lawsuits due to claims of excessive force, failures to perform duties leading to injury or property damage, and wrongful arrests are common liabilities in the industry.

Coverage Offered by Security Guard Insurance

To mitigate these risks, security guard insurance provides essential coverage options tailored to the profession. Professional liability insurance shields guards from claims arising from their services, including errors or omissions in reporting. General liability insurance protects clients’ property if security measures fail, resulting in damages. Business auto insurance enhances coverage for company vehicles used in job duties.

Diverse Range of Security Guard Services

Security guards fulfill a wide array of roles, from personal bodyguards to event security and business protection. Each service type carries its own set of risks, influencing the insurance needs of guards and security companies alike.

Essential Insurance Considerations for Security Guard Businesses

Whether operating a large security firm or a small-scale operation, appropriate insurance coverage is crucial. Business owners should consider a Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP) for comprehensive property and liability coverage. Workers’ compensation insurance is essential to protect guards from job-related injuries, while cyber liability insurance safeguards against data breaches.

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Secure yourself while safeguarding others with security guard insurance.

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