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Roll-off contractor insurance helps secure coverage for your operations.

The specialized nature of your work demands roll-off contractor insurance.

Start with a Business Owners Insurance Policy

Many roll-off contractors begin their insurance coverage with a Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP). This comprehensive package combines two essential coverages:

General Liability Insurance:Provides protection if you cause property damage or bodily injury during business operations.

Commercial Property Insurance: Covers damage to your building or property.

Beyond the BOP: Additional Coverages for Roll-Off Contractors

Professional Liability Insurance:Offers financial protection for errors or negligence in your services, such as logistical errors or reputational harm caused by employee actions.

Business Auto Insurance: Essential for covering risks while traveling to and from job sites with heavy roll-off trucks, especially in accidents involving full dumpsters.

Environmental Pollution Insurance

Environmental Pollution Insurance:Protects against cleanup and restoration costs resulting from accidents or leaks involving hazardous materials picked up by your business.

Safeguard Your Roll-Off Contractor Business

Prepare your roll-off contractor business for various risks with tailored insurance solutions. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and explore comprehensive coverage options.

Roll-off contractors and other industrial waste haulers are integral to the construction and demolition sectors, ensuring job sites remain free of debris and waste. Unlike standard trucks and construction vehicles, roll-off trucks have specific operational requirements that demand specialized insurance coverage. Roll-off contractor insurance is tailored to meet these unique needs, providing comprehensive protection designed specifically for the challenges and risks inherent in this industry.

Remember the Business Essentials

Even as roll-off contractors focus on their specialized operations, they still require fundamental business insurance coverages essential to most companies. For instance, cyber liability insurance provides financial protection in case of a data breach or network hack. Employment practice liability insurance defends against claims of discrimination or harassment. Additionally, workers’ compensation insurance is crucial, especially in this hazardous profession where injuries are more likely.

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Secure coverage for your operations with roll-off contractor insurance.

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