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Pasture, rangeland, forage insurance is there when precipitation isn’t.

Pasture, rangeland, forage insurance provides coverage during periods of insufficient precipitation.

What is the Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Insurance Program (PRF)?

The Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Insurance Program (PRF) is a federal program administered by the USDA Risk Management Agency. It provides area-based insurance coverage to protect perennial pasture, rangeland, or forage used for livestock feed from losses caused by drought and reduced precipitation.

How Does the PRF Insurance Program Work?

1.Rainfall Index Basis: Participants in the PRF program select at least two two-month periods (index intervals) crucial for their business, where precipitation levels are critical. Normal precipitation levels are determined using NOAA data, and deviations from these norms are calculated.

2.Triggering Loss Payments: If the actual precipitation in your designated grid falls below the calculated normal level during the chosen index intervals, a loss payment is triggered.

Important Considerations about PRF Insurance:

-Area-Based Coverage: PRF insurance relies solely on rainfall data specific to your grid and acreage. It does not factor in individual crop production data or personal farming experience.

-Flexibility: Participants can choose to insure all or part of their acreage, allowing for customized risk management strategies.

-Premium Variability: Premiums may vary; for instance, haying land, which generally expects higher forage production, may incur higher premiums compared to grazing land.

-Not Drought Insurance: PRF insurance does not function as traditional drought insurance. It does not automatically pay out due to drought declarations by local authorities. Rather, it requires abnormal precipitation during specified index intervals to trigger indemnity payments.

By understanding these aspects, farmers and ranchers can effectively manage their risks associated with forage production under varying weather conditions through the PRF insurance program.

PRF insurance aims to safeguard against rainfall deficiencies, yet its coverage is limited to specific intervals and does not extend to prolonged drought periods.

If your business depends on various crops, consider a comprehensive crop insurance policy to safeguard against potential damage or losses in your fields. Additionally, if your operations involve pesticides or other chemicals, explore environmental insurance to cover incidents such as spills or contamination. Basic coverages like general liability and workers’ compensation insurance are also essential to ensure overall protection for your business.

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Pasture, rangeland, forage insurance provides coverage during periods of inadequate precipitation.

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