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 Safeguard Your Business with Marine Contractor Insurance

Marine contractors face unique risks that most land-based businesses don’t encounter. A standard general liability policy might not provide adequate protection for these specialized risks. Operating on the water brings its own set of challenges, making marine general liability insurance essential. This coverage addresses the various operations conducted from your watercraft and considers potential damages to others’ property resulting from your work.

Your Commercial Watercraft: The Heart of Your Business

Your watercraft are the backbone of your operations. Without them, your business comes to a standstill, leading to significant losses. Ensure your marine contractor insurance policy includes hull, protection, and indemnity (P&I) coverage to safeguard against collisions, accidents, or extreme weather events that could damage your vessel. This crucial coverage not only helps repair damages to your hull, equipment, and machinery but also covers damages caused by collisions with other boats.

Key aspects requiring coverage include your business property, employees, owned vessels, and liability exposures.

Ensure comprehensive protection for your workers.

Marine contracting involves significant risks, from heavy equipment on unsteady watercraft to potential injuries on the job. Incorporating workers’ compensation insurance into your marine contractor coverage is crucial. This insurance not only covers medical expenses and lost wages for injured employees but also shields your business from costly litigation. By facilitating their recovery and return to work, workers’ compensation helps retain your skilled marine contractors.

Environmental responsibility is paramount.

Operating on water demands heightened awareness of environmental impact. Accidental spills or contamination during marine contracting can lead to severe ecological and legal consequences. Environmental insurance included in your marine contractor policy provides essential protection against liabilities arising from such incidents. It not only safeguards your business but also enhances your company’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to environmental preservation.

Essential protections for marine contractors.

In addition to specialized coverages, like workers’ compensation and environmental insurance, fundamental business protections are vital for marine contractors. Business interruption insurance offers financial support if operations are halted due to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring continuity and stability. Cyber liability insurance is equally crucial to safeguard against potential cyber threats and data breaches while conducting business on vessels.

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Marine contractor insurance keeps your business sailing smoothly.

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