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Machine shop insurance helps keep your business running.

The services you offer are crucial, and so is having machine shop insurance.

Protect Your Equipment

Your specialized equipment is essential for your business operations. Ensure its protection with commercial property insurance tailored to cover the high value of your machinery. Systems breakdown insurance can also be crucial, helping to manage repair and replacement costs for your mechanical equipment.

Coverage for Your Products

Depend on your expertise and deliver flawless products with confidence. Consider product liability and product recall insurance to safeguard against potential defects that could lead to liability or necessitate a product recall. These policies help cover the costs associated with such incidents.

Environmental Protection

Machine shops can pose environmental risks from solvents, chemicals, and other materials. Environmental insurance can cover expenses related to legal fees, damages, and clean-up costs arising from environmental incidents both on and off your property.

Business Continuity Planning

Prepare for unforeseen disruptions like fires that could halt your operations. Business interruption insurance can provide financial support for ongoing expenses and temporary relocation, ensuring your business can recover swiftly.

Comprehensive Business Coverage

Don’t overlook critical aspects of your business. Cyber liability insurance protects against digital threats, while business auto insurance is essential if your company owns vehicles. Employment practice liability insurance shields against allegations of discrimination or harassment.

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Machine shop insurance ensures continuity of your business operations.

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