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Electrical contractor insurance helps keep the lights on for your business.

Safeguard your business with electrical contractor insurance as you ensure seamless power delivery.

Electrical contractor insurance tailored to your needs.

Electrical contractors and electricians work across a spectrum, from residential homes to large industrial sites. While the settings may vary, certain risks remain constant. What if someone is injured on your premises or a job site? Or what if an employee accidentally damages a client’s property? General liability insurance covers these scenarios.

Coverage beyond the basics.

Given the nature of electrical work, protecting against potential losses is crucial. Completed operations liability insurance ensures coverage even after your work is finished. Clients may pursue legal action alleging faulty workmanship, where bodily injury, property damage, and legal defense costs could be included in your policy. Commercial umbrella insurance extends coverage beyond standard limits, offering financial protection against severe losses.

Insurance for mobile operations.

Your insurance should safeguard you while traveling between job sites. Business auto insurance protects against accidents causing bodily injury or property damage involving your vehicles. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet, coverage can vary. Do employees use personal vehicles or rented ones for business? If so, hired and non-owned auto insurance may be necessary. Inland marine insurance covers tools, inventory, and specialized equipment if lost, stolen, or damaged during transportation.

Protecting your income during downtime.

Business interruption insurance compensates for lost income if your operations are halted. It may cover operating expenses or temporary relocation costs due to covered perils. Specialized coverage like business interruption for off-premises utility services (OPUS) helps if you can’t operate due to external utility failures, such as a power outage from a storm.

Coverage for home-based operations.

Even if you run your electrical contracting business from home, standard homeowners insurance may not suffice. A business owners insurance policy (BOP) extends coverage for home-based businesses, accommodating deliveries, customer visits, and storage of tools and inventory.

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Your insurance premium can fluctuate based on factors such as your location, the scale of your operations, the size of your workforce, and your business’s annual revenue.

Don’t overlook the administrative aspects of your business.

While electricians and electrical contractors contend with industry-specific risks, it’s crucial to also consider general business insurance policies. For instance, if your operations rely on computer systems, cyber liability insurance becomes essential. Employment practice liability insurance can cover legal costs and damages if allegations of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful employment practices arise. Additionally, commercial property insurance safeguards your workshop and its assets from potential losses like fires.

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Ensure your business stays powered with electrical contractor insurance.

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