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Cheer gym insurance offers protection on and off the mats.

Protect your business and your students with insurance tailored for cheer gyms.

Cheer gym insurance is a necessity.

Cheer gym insurance is essential for your business. Every business needs fundamental insurance coverage, but your cheer gym requires more comprehensive protection. Insurance can offer the necessary coverage to safeguard your business. It begins with adequate general liability insurance. Any sport involves the risk of participant injury, and cheerleading is no different. If someone is injured at your facility, your liability insurance can cover defense costs and any court-awarded damages. Insufficient coverage limits could potentially lead to financial devastation.

It’s more than just cheerleading.

If your business extends beyond cheerleading instruction to include competitive dance programs, birthday parties, yoga and exercise classes, cheer and dance clinics or camps, gymnastics, and open gym sessions, your insurance coverage needs to encompass these activities. Additionally, since your students may also participate in off-site events representing your gym, it’s crucial to ensure you have protection in place for these situations as well.

Generally, insurance policies can incorporate general liability and accidental medical expense coverage. You may also have options for additional protections such as abuse and molestation liability, event insurance, commercial property coverage, business income protection, crime insurance, excess liability, and other tailored solutions based on your specific requirements.

Insurance designed for the demographic you serve.

Cheer gyms typically focus on children and young adults, ranging from beginners to advanced skill levels. The physically demanding nature of cheerleading activities increases the likelihood of injuries. Accident medical expense insurance can assist in covering the costs participants may face due to injuries during training or competitions. Given the involvement with youth, there’s also the potential risk of allegations against staff or owners for physical, sexual, or mental abuse. Defending against such claims can be costly, and a specialized cheer gym insurance plan can provide coverage specifically for abuse and molestation claims.

Cheer gyms encounter typical business risks as well.

Coverage options like workers’ compensation, premises liability, gym equipment, office contents, and cyber liability insurance are essential for safeguarding the operational aspects of your organization. In the event your cheer gym faces closure due to fire or other hazards, business interruption insurance can mitigate financial losses. Knowledgeable insurance agents specializing in the industry can assist in choosing the optimal insurance solutions tailored to your facility.

For further information on securing cheer gym insurance for your business, please reach out to us.

Cheer gym insurance provides protection both during training sessions and outside the gym.

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