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Brewery insurance combines the coverage ingredients into one policy.

If you own a brewery, protect your business and investments with brewery insurance.

Insurance as Unique as Your Craft Beer

Securing adequate insurance for your brewery may seem daunting, but a brewery insurance policy simplifies the process. The key lies in selecting a policy tailored to cover your specific needs and the unique risks associated with brewing. This comprehensive coverage integrates liquor liability, property protection, and business insurance into a single, streamlined policy.

Understanding the Risks Your Brewery Faces

Choosing the right insurance for your brewery depends on several factors, such as the scale of your operations, whether you offer food, conduct tours, or host events onsite. Beyond brewing, selling, and serving beer, safeguarding your brewery against potential risks is crucial. Here are some essential coverage options typically included in brewery insurance policies:

– Business Auto Insurance
– Commercial Property Insurance
– Contamination and Spoilage Coverage
– Crime Insurance
– Cyber Liability Insurance
– Employment Practices Liability Insurance
– Equipment Breakdown Insurance
– Liquor Liability Insurance
– Product Recall Insurance
– Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Ensure your brewery is adequately protected with a tailored insurance plan designed to meet your specific needs.

Understanding Liquor Liability Coverage

As a brewery owner, securing liquor liability insurance is crucial. This policy protects you from potential claims arising from incidents involving individuals who have consumed your beer. Even unfounded claims can result in substantial legal expenses, making this coverage essential.

The Benefits of Insurance for Your Brewery

In addition to liquor liability coverage, ensure your property insurance includes provisions for equipment, stock damage, and loss of profits during periods of inactivity. Consider coverage options for product withdrawal or recall due to safety concerns or contamination risks.

Managing the Business Side of Your Brewery

While owning a brewery is fulfilling, it comes with inherent risks similar to other businesses. Comprehensive insurance coverage is vital, including workers’ compensation for employee claims, liability insurance for visitors to your premises, and cyber liability insurance to address potential data breaches.

Secure Your Brewery’s Future

Ready to protect your brewery and investments? Contact us today to discuss your brewery’s unique needs and explore tailored insurance solutions.

Environmental Liability

Risk Factor

Environmental liability exposures are not just for oil companies, nuclear power plants, and industrial mining operations. Breweries have wastewater and waste management concerns. Depending on the location of the brewery, previous use of property may also be an issue.


Strict liability laws apply to the brewing industry. Court-ordered injunctions, fines, and cleanup costs can be crippling. Almost all commercial liability policies contain some type of pollution exclusion. Coverage exists for this exposure through a standalone policy.

Business Auto Insurance

Risk Factor

Automobile exposures are significant, especially if you handle your own distribution.


Employees need to be trained and aware of the exposures associated with driving for the brewery. Business auto insurance provides coverage for damages arising out of the use of automobiles for business purposes. A fleet safety program is a critical risk management strategy.

Premises Liability

Risk Factor

If open to the public, you are responsible for the well-being of visitors. This exposure is amplified if you offer brewery tours.


Given the possible hazards guests can be exposed to, it is important to keep tours confined to safe areas and preplanned routes. General liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury, physical injury, or other personal injury related claims.


Risk Factor

What do you do if one of your trusted employees is found guilty of doing something dishonest as it relates to his or her work with you?


Crime coverage can be obtained in your commercial property insurance policy, but coverage is very limited. Consider a standalone policy as well.

Cyber Liability

Risk Factor

Customers or employees who entrust you with private information, such as credit card or social security numbers, put you at risk. If this data is lost, stolen, or compromised, you may be legally obligated to alert those affected by the breach.


Securing a cyber liability policy can cover expenses associated with compliance requirements, such as data breach notification, securing legal counsel to advise on incident response, credit monitoring services, public relations expenses, and paying for regulatory defense and penalties arising from privacy law violations.


Risk Factor

If a bonded brewery fails to pay taxes appropriately, the bond amount can be used to pay the owed taxes as well as any other fees that might accompany the unfulfilled payment.


The brewer's bond is the cost of admission. They are known by a number of names; alcohol tax bonds, liquor license bonds, ATF bonds, and TTB bonds, but they all perform the same function. Government agencies that regulate breweries require bonds to ensure all taxes are paid appropriately. A knowledgeable insurance provider can help you navigate the bonding process.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Risk Factor

It’s estimated that three out of five businesses will be sued by their employees. Companies are vulnerable during the pre-hire process, actual employment, and during a reduction in workforce. Claims can arise in any size operation. You can do everything right and still be sued.


Coverage comes in the form of a standalone policy. This coverage is critical to your risk management strategy as it protects against discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and other employment-related allegations.

Supply Chain

Risk Factor

As the brewing industry grows, supplies may become increasingly difficult or competitive to acquire. Making sure you have the adequate amount of Chinook hops for your spring seasonal can be the difference between having product to sell or not.


Diversifying suppliers, maintaining dialogue with back-up suppliers, monitoring the resource environment, and negotiating forward contracts can prevent disruption in production. Insurance coverage for contingent business income can be also obtained.

Spoilage, Contamination, and Product Recall

Risk Factor

If a batch of beer is contaminated or in some way unfit to serve, breweries have much to lose, including the cost of additional materials, production time, disposal of product, and loss of revenue. If the batch makes it to store shelves, it becomes even more costly, both in direct revenue and brand reputation.


Seek coverage for spoilage, contamination, and product recall to help offset the costs associated with these events.

Equipment Failure

Risk Factor

There is a high risk of equipment breakdown in the brewery business. When machines don’t work, beer can’t be brewed. You lose valuable time and profits while repairs are being made.


Mechanical breakdown is typically not covered under a commercial property insurance policy. Rather, obtaining systems breakdown coverage addresses this exposure.


Risk Factor

Brewing equipment is a significant financial investment. Couple that with an above-average exposure to loss, and selecting the correct coverage here is critical.


Commercial property insurance will indemnify you for property damaged or destroyed due to a covered loss. Selecting an adequate limit of insurance that responds to as many perils as possible negates that risk.

Liquor Liability

Risk Factor

If a patron is over-served at your establishment, you may be held responsible and liable for damages or injuries related to the patron’s intoxication.


Liquor liability insurance covers defense costs and damages to persons and property caused by intoxicated patrons. Training staff to recognize patrons who pose a liquor liability risk is a key risk control measure to consider.

Workers' Compensation

Risk Factor

Workers' compensation coverage is required by law. There is high demand for craft beer, but demand can lead to haste. Haste leads to accidents, accidents lead to injuries, and injuries lead to increased workers' compensation costs.


Promoting workplace safety and managing exposures can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries. Proactively addressing high risk scenarios helps control workers' compensation costs.

Special Events

Risk Factor

Breweries often participate in numerous events throughout the year. Many insurance policies contain what’s known as a designated premises endorsement. At a high level, this limits coverage to the premise named on the policy (the brewery). Participating in Craft Beer Expo or 5k Fun Run? Liability associated with events like those may not be covered.


Make sure you have coverage that extends to any events in which you wish to participate.

Brewery insurance blends all essential coverages into a single policy.

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