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Inland marine insurance helps protect your property wherever it is.

Ensure the protection of your property during transit or while off-site with inland marine insurance.

Protect your property on the move or in storage with inland marine insurance.

Despite its name, inland marine insurance doesn’t involve lakes and rivers. Instead, it covers risks associated with property and equipment in transit (via road or rail) or stored by third parties. This coverage is crucial for businesses dependent on property in transit, as loss can pose significant financial risks without adequate protection.

When standard commercial property insurance falls short.

Commercial property insurance typically limits coverage to items on your business premises. In contrast, inland marine insurance extends coverage to property:

– Used as building materials.
– Stored in trucks or other locations.
– Temporarily under your control.
– Transported to job sites.

Industries benefiting from specialized coverage.

Inland marine insurance is essential for businesses shipping high-value goods, displaying expensive equipment at trade shows, or handling third-party equipment on their premises. Policies can be tailored to specific needs and include provisions for diverse scenarios.

Ensure your business has the right coverage. Contact us to explore your inland marine insurance options.

Inland marine insurance provides protection for your property no matter where it is located.

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