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Commercial umbrella insurance helps prepare your business for the worst.

Enhance your business policy with commercial umbrella insurance to extend coverage beyond your limits when needed.

Secure backup coverage to safeguard your business.

Commercial umbrella insurance offers an additional layer of protection beyond your primary business insurance policies. It provides coverage when you exceed the limits of your existing policies, ensuring you’re not left financially vulnerable in the face of unforeseen events.

When primary policies reach their limits.

Most business insurance policies, whether for liability or property, come with predefined payout limits. Any costs exceeding these limits typically become the responsibility of the business owner. This potential financial burden could severely impact your business’s stability. A commercial umbrella insurance policy intervenes only after your primary policy reaches its limit, covering the excess expenses that would otherwise need to be covered out of pocket.

Understanding commercial umbrella coverage.

For instance, if your business liability policy covers up to $500,000, but you face damages totaling $700,000, a commercial umbrella policy steps in after the initial policy is exhausted. It ensures full coverage by paying the remaining $200,000, thereby mitigating the financial strain on your business.

Your commercial umbrella policy may cover the costs of legal fees, medical expenses, and damages for liability issues such as bodily injury and property damage.


There are certain risk factors to consider, including public access to your business, how often you work with your clients, and if you perform work at other locations.

A cost-effective investment with significant benefits.

Commercial umbrella insurance is not only valuable but often surprisingly affordable. Due to its lower likelihood of utilization compared to primary policies, it typically comes at a reasonable cost. The price of your policy can vary based on factors such as your business’s size, industry, and existing coverage levels.

Enhance your asset protection with commercial umbrella insurance. Reach out to us today to explore the coverage options available to you.

Commercial umbrella insurance provides added protection to fortify your business against unforeseen risks and potential liabilities.

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