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What is the American Integrity Binding Arbitration Endorsement?

As you may be aware, home insurance rates in Florida are skyrocketing. Unfortunately, due to frivolous lawsuits, fraud and inflation, rates have been going up on average 30% per year for the past several years. 

While waiting on Florida legislation to approve some much needed reform, American Integrity has come up with a creative endorsement that should help keep costs down.  Although, insurance companies can’t control inflation, they have an endorsement that will help control some of the frivolous lawsuits and fraud we are seeing in the property insurance market. If you want to learn more, we have included 3 ways to educate you on this endorsement:

Check out this video that explains the endorsement.

Or, Here is American Integrity Binding Arbitration Brochure to help explain it.

Or if you would prefer, just read the American Integrity Binding Arbitration page that explains the endorsement.

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