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What is Rental Reimbusement Coverage?

Rental Car Reimbursement (AKA Rental Car Coverage) is an added endorsement that you can purchase on your auto policy.  This endorsement provides you a certain amount of coverage per day (e.g. $30 per day) in order to rent another vehicle while your vehicle is at the repair shop.  Don’t pick the wrong repair shop, though, because the coverage usually has a maximum amount of days and/or a maximum payout.

This coverage is not automatic and must be selected when purchasing the auto insurance. However, it is usually pretty inexpensive and an important coverage to have if you don’t have an extra vehicle available.

During the rental period, the rental car will have the same coverage that is provided on the vehicle that is in the repair shop, although this can vary by state.

Most of the time, you cannot purchase this coverage unless you have, also, purchased the comprehensive and collision coverage for the damaged vehicle.

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