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Trucking Insurance – Coverages to consider

Trucking companies typically need several types of insurance coverage to protect themselves, their employees, and their cargo. Some of the most important types of insurance for a trucking company to have include: It is important for trucking companies to work with a knowledgeable insurance agent or broker who can help them determine the right types and amounts of insurance coverage they need to adequately protect themselves and their business.

Benefits of a Commercial Package Policy vs. a Business Owners Policy

Businesses typically need general liability and property insurance, so many business owners opt in when presented with a business owners program (BOP). It’s straightforward and offers bundled discounts, but it doesn’t provide much wiggle room. Like a “no substitutions” lunch special, you take what you get and find yourself dressing up the bland parts with a side dish (which adds to the bill). Suddenly your lunch special isn’t such a deal. The same goes for a BOP. Insuring business risk exposure can get tricky — and expensive — especially when your risk exposure doesn’t fit in the box. If your risk liability spills over the usual lines, you might be better off going for a commercial package policy (CPP) for better insurance coverage, customization and overall savings. Click here to learn more about Benefits of a Commercial Package Policy vs. a Business Owner’s Policy.