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How to file or renew your Workers Compensation exemption in Florida

To save money on workers compensation insurance, some officers will exempt themselves.  Since WC is based on payroll, this will reduce the premium of your policy.  However, it also means you will not be covered if injured.

For the state of Florida, the website to file for an exemption is:

Choose your industry based on whether you are in construction or non-construction and follow the steps to either apply for or renew your exemption.

If you started the process to exempt yourself and receive a request for additional information from the state, you may click on “modify an application” and complete this process on the same page.  Sometimes a contract will require all owners to be included and will not allow you to exempt yourself, if this is the case you may also revoke your exemption on this page.

 To check the status of exemptions, the website is:

You will see that there are different search options to find the exemption, to see all of the exempt officers listed for the company, pick the company or Federal Employer ID Number

Once you find your company listed on the website, it will show a listing of any officers that are exempt, it will show the effective and expiration date of the exemption and the scope of business.

Near the end of the termination date, the exempted officer will receive an email reminder to renew the exemption. Make a habit of checking on your exemption status when you get your WC renewal offer.  If you forget to renew your Florida workers comp exemption, it could cost you during your audit.

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