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Is George Soros Really Related To Progressive Insurance?

At S.A.I.A., we will occasionally hear a client express concerns about insurance their home or auto with Progressive due to their political affiliation to George Soros. We represent over 100 different insurance companies.  However, only one company strikes up a political conversation every so often. That is why I find myself writing this blog. I thought it was time to try and set the record straight.  Progressive has always been a great company. From price to service, they are always at the top. However, some of our customers have paid more for auto insurance because of what they have read on the internet.  So, is Progressive a political supporter of the far left?  Is George Soros Really Related to Progressive? The name Progressive sometimes gets associated with “the Progressive movement”. If you search Progressive and George Soros, you will see a ton of articles about George Soros starting the “Progressive Movement” which is likely why it is being taken out of context. Likely, many of these claims are driven by competitors knowing that spreading rumors on social media can sometimes sway consumers from purchasing products based on price and service alone. Here is Progressive’s response to inquiries regarding the misconceptions of the “affiliation” between George Soros and Progressive: “Peter Lewis, Progressive’s former Chairman, passed away in 2013. Throughout his life, he gave generously from his personal wealth to a variety of organizations and causes, ranging from politics, to arts and education. His donations were covered broadly by the media, and the ACLU was one of a number of organizations Peter supported personally.Progressive’s 40,000+ employees support a broad spectrum of political, social, and religious affiliations. Peter’s philanthropic activities, like those of any other Progressive employee, past or present, were his own and did not reflect the opinions or beliefs of Progressive.That said, we’ve come across different versions of this chain letter for years and have found that they are, without exception, riddled with inaccuracies, misrepresentations, and half-truths. The details in this letter can be easily researched through reputable sources on and offline. I’m confident you’ll reach the same conclusion. For example, Progressive does not have now, and never has had, any association with George Soros. Progressive also has never provided any financial support to any of the organizations mentioned in this chain letter.” Tags: George SorosInsuranceProgressive