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Can You Quote Me If I Have an Open Claim?

Unfortunately, most companies will not give a quote if you currently have an open claim for the type of insurance that you are shopping for. The reason is that the companies need to assess the total payout and to verify that all repairs have been properly repaired. Some companies will apply a surcharge for prior claims and the total payout is important. A larger claim may have a higher surcharge than a smaller claim so, if the claim is still open, the company cannot yet assess what surcharge should be applied.

What do I do if I have an open claim, but it should be closed?

Most companies are quick to close a claim after a final payment was made, but in the event that it is still open, it may be an oversight. Just call or email the adjuster handling the claim to ask them to close it.

It’s possible that they are leaving the claim open because they are waiting for a subrogation payment (reimbursement from another party that may be deemed “at fault”). If this is the case, the email from the adjuster would help to prove to other companies that the claim has been handled and they will usually approve quoting while the claim is still open.

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